About us


Here at Rioja Tapas Uppermill, your meal experience is right at the top of our mission statement.

We love food, and especially the food of Spain, its diversity of flavours, simple use of the freshest ingredients, and most importantly, their attitudes toward the joyous social function of eating good food together. Your visit to Rioja Tapas is guaranteed to tick all of those boxes. Our chefs are passionate about your food. They use the freshest ingredients, and authentically cook that food to your order. All our staff want to make sure your meal experience is one that you’ll love so much, you’ll have to tell, and bring, more friends.

You’ve all made it an excellent time so far, and we’ve immensely enjoyed your company, and I’m sure you’ve enjoyed it as much as us. To help us maintain our high standards, we would be eternally grateful if you could use this site to review your meal: the dishes, the service, and the overall experience.

Thank you so much for your custom, and if you’ve never visited us, what you waiting for, call 01457 876191 and enjoy life that little bit more.